Beitbridge Town Council

Key Facts, Geographic And Demographic Highlights

Key Facts, Geographic And Demographic Highlights

The town, Beitbridge, is named after Alfred Beit, a British citizen who found the De Beers diamond mining company. It is located at the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Beitbridge Town is the southernmost town of the country and is in Matabeleland South Province. The name also refers to the Beitbridge Border Post, the busiest inland port of entry in Sub-Saharan Africa. About 16000 people cross the border on a daily basis. The town, founded in 1929, was for many years the terminus of the railway from Pretoria, until a rail connection to Rutenga was built in 1974.

Its population has doubled from 22 000 in 2002 population census to approximately 43 000 according 2012 population census figures. Current population is estimated at around 60 000.  Due to the proximity of the town to South Africa, most people from the inland districts flock into Beitbridge to do trade and others finally settle.


Capital:                                                            Harare

Official Languages:                                        English, Ndebele and Shona

Currency:                                                        Multi Currency System

Dialling Code:                                                 +263

Population (2012est.):                                     12 973 308

World Population Rank:                                 72

Population Growth Rate (2012):                    4.375%

Rank Population growth in Africa:                 23

Literacy Rate:                                                 97%

Summary About Beitbridge

TOWN STATUS GRANTED IN                  : August 2005

POPULATION ESTIMATE                          : 43 000(census 2012), 60 000 estimate

TRANSIT POPULATION                            : 16 000 per day

AREA (total surface area)                              : 83km2

ALTITUDE                                                    : 484m

CLIMATE                                                      :  Hot

RAINFALL                                                     : 450mm and less, erratic rainfall


WARDS                                                                     : 6                   

COUNCILLORS                                                       : 6       

Road Network

TARRED                                            :  39km

EARTH AND GRAVEL                   : 122,1km

Housing Units

LOW DENSITY                                  : 666

MEDIUM DENSITY                         : 1186

HIGH DENSITY                               : 3927

Number Of Schools

SECONDARY                                   : 4

PRIMARY                                         : 6

VOCATIONAL                                 : 1

Medical Facilities

NUMBER OF HOSPITALS             `                                   : 1

NUMBER OF CLINICS                                                         : 2


Investment Oppotunities
Project Name Description Location And Land Aspects
Prepaid Water meters Procurement, supply and Installation of prepaid water meters All densities, Commercial , industrial and institutional
Solar power Procurement and installation of solar powered street lights, traffic lights,  tower lights, establishment of a solar farm All densities
Shopping Complex Development of a multipurpose commercial complex North-west of the town
State of the art stadium Construction of the stadium and furnish it In the high density areas
Water reservoirs Construction of water reservoirs at strategic areas to upgrade supply to all areas All densities
Fire station Establishment of a fire station to cater for fire emergencies Establishment of a fire station in the high density
Sewer farm Agricultural extension, cattle ranching, crop production Farm located eastern side of the town
Land development /Housing development Servicing and construction of housing units High, medium and low density areas.
Tourism Development of nature parks, waterfront facilities, animal viewing ( crocodiles, birds, etc), water sporting, boating, canoeing among other things Southern part of the town
Tertiary institutions Construction of colleges and Universities High, medium and low density
Commercial plots Stock Breeding, Cropping/Stock feed production  and Horticulture North east of the town
Specialised clinics/Hospitals To cater for the special needs. High, medium and low density
Quarry mining


Quarry stone and quarry dust  for construction purposes High density
Tannery Processing of hides for different purposes Commercial and industry area
Reasons to Invest in Beitbridge
  • Fastest growing border town in Zimbabwe
  • Houses the Busiest border post, Regional gateway
  • Proximity to South Africa
  • Houses seven commercial banks
  • Well networked, linked to regional markets in Southern Africa
  • Adequate water sources
  • Declared one of the special economic zone
  • Railway marshalling yard
  • Presence of an Airstrip
  • Communications networks
Contact Details


Town Secretary

Beitbridge Town Council

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Tel: (+263) 286 23793/ 23365/23728