Masvingo City Council Profile

City Of Masvingo Summary

The City of Masvingo is the oldest urban settlement in Zimbabwe founded by the Pioneer Column in 1890 then called “Fort Victoria”. The City of Masvingo is the provincial capital of Masvingo Province located in the southern part of the country.

The City of Masvingo derives its name from the national shrine of the country, the Great Zimbabwe National Monument.  Masvingo is a Shona (indigenous language) name, which means “Building Made out of Stones”.  Although the city itself is some 27km away from the Great Zimbabwe National Monuments, which are structures made up of stones, it is a replica of the Ancient City of Great Zimbabwe in modern form.


CITY STATUS GRANTED IN                                                          :               2002

POPULATION ESTIMATE                                                             :               87,886. (2012 census)

TRANSIT POPULATION                                                                   :               100,000

AREA (total surface area)                                                            :               9,800 hectares (Commonage)

ALTITUDE                                                                                           :               1095m

CLIMATE                                                                                             :              local Steppe Savanna

RAINFALL                                                                                           :             614.4mm

WORK FORCE OF MUNICIPALITY                                      :               400 permanent

Road Network


TARRED                                                              :               189km

EARTH AND GRAVEL                                      :               97

Housing Units


LOW DENSITY                                                  : 779

MEDIUM DENSITY                                         :615

HIGH DENSITY                                                :12980

Learning Institutions

2 private

SECONDARY                                                     : 3

PRIMARY                                                            : 8

VOCATIONAL    & TECHNICAL                    : 3

TERTIARY                                                           : 2 State Universities and One Private

Medical Facilities

NUMBER OF HOSPITALS                             `                               : 1 (Provincial Hospital)

NUMBER OF CLINICS                                                                     : 3



WARDS                                                                                                : 10

COUNCILLORS                                                                                  : 10

Investment Opportunities
Project Name Description Location And Land Aspects
Heavy manufacturing Industrial activities & Mixed Commercial Development Prime stands measuring between 2000-6000m2 available for heavy industrial manufacturing activities


Commercial stands in Welby Avenue & Oliver Street to be allocated upon completion of outstanding on site services

·         Westview Industrial Area




Oliver Street & Welby Avenue, Central Business District

Revival of Shagashe Game Park Fencing of a 278 hectare Park 4km from city centre, restocking with small game/animals and construction of lodges, conference facilities. ·         4km along Harare Road, 278 hectares in total consisting of three subdivisions bounded east by Shagashe River and West by Harare-Masvingo Highway. Joint venture preferred.
Solar Powered Street Lights Investor invited to procure, erect and maintain solar powered Street Lights in the entire Central Business District- 578 lights required.  Investor will be granted exclusive advertising rights for the areas Street lights are installed and recoup investment from sale of advertising space subject to agreed terms and conditions ·         Central Business District Streets and major highways leading into the City.

·         Project may be extended to Solar Powered Tower Lights in Residential Areas

Prepaid Parking Project Investor to provide automated prepaid parking solutions and hardware for enforcement of Prepaid By Parking By-laws ·         Central Business District
Rujeko D, High Density Residential housing Project Provision of off-site sewer reticulation infrastructure (sewage pump station) and servicing of 800 high density residential stands. Servicing of 200 Medium density residential stands ·         Rujeko Suburb.
Middle Income Multi Story Residential Flats Project Land measuring 3000m2 near Exor along the Masvingo Beitbridge highway available for medium income multi-storey residential flats/cluster houses. ·         Beitbridge Masvingo Highway three kilometers from the City Centre

·         Mucheke Suburb

Prepaid Water Meter Project Procurement and installation of STS compliant Prepaid Water Meters and software for residential, commercial and institutional premises: Total 15 597 metred points (High density: 12,980, Medium 615, commercial 877 Light Industry & Institutional 320). ·         Central Business District, All residential areas, Institutions

·         Project to be implemented in phases

Reasons to Invest In Masvingo

The City of Masvingo enjoys a unique natural attribute; located equidistant from the major cities and host to the Great Zimbabwe Monument, a World Heritage Site and second most popular tourism site in Zimbabwe after the Victoria Falls. The City of Masvingo prides itself in a fairly well maintained road, water and wastewater disposal infrastructure. The city is designated a Tourism Development Zone (TDZ) accessible by road, rail and air.

Investment Incentives                

  • Competitive prices for cost of land
  • Flexible and Negotiable payment terms
  • Rates moratorium and free water during construction
  • Tax holidays for investment in Tourism Development Zone

Application letter clearly stating the nature of preferred investment, size of land required, artistic impression of the project and project implementation timeframes, proof of implementation capacity should be attached to;

  1. Company registration
  2. Tax clearance certificate
  • Traceable references
  1. Detailed project proposal and artistic impression of proposed venture
  2. Recent bank statements


The Town Clerk

City of Masvingo

Box 17



Tel: +263 (39) 262 431-4