UCAZ-ZADF/Pact Programme – USAID
In 2000 UCAZ and the Zimbabwe American Development Foundation (ZADF/Pact) entered into an agreement to build upon and strengthen UCAZ’s advocacy efforts with Parliament as an institution. Under this programme UCAZ successfully researched and developed policy and discussion papers on critical issues affecting the efficient running of urban councils.

The policy and discussion papers that were developed include the following:

Policy papers

  1. Review of Decentralisation Policy and Funding Mechanisms for Urban Councils
  2. Assured Revenue Sharing Method Between Central Government and Local Authorities Including Creditworthiness
  • Amendments to the Urban Councils Act and other Relevant Acts which affect Local Government
  1. Evaluation of the Executive Mayoral System, and
  2. Smart Partnership between Municipal Councils and civil Society

Discussion papers

  1. A Handbook for Council Procedures
  2. Code of Conduct for Councillors in Urban Councils

iii.  Managing the Informal Sector in Urban Councils

  1. Establishment of Municipal Courts and Arresting Powers for Municipal Police

The collaboration with ZADF/Pact saw UCAZ holding advocacy workshops with Members of Parliament and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committees of Local Government, Finance and Health and Child Welfare.